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Motor Carrier Equipment Reports based on prior inspections and crashes for retail agents, underwriters and risk managers

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  • Insurance Underwriters

Motor Carrier Equipment Reports for new ventures and missing vehicles on scheduled policies

Retail agents, underwriters and risk managers can verify new ventures based on prior inspections and crashes. VIN-VU also finds vehicles currently not listed on scheduled policies.

Claim handlers use VIN-VU to determine the history of vehicles involved in a crash and to track stolen vehicles for recovery. Unreported vehicles cannot hide from VIN-VU’s deep analyses.

Vehicle research

VIN-VU is ideal for researching the complete inspection and crash history on specific vehicles or fleets. Search by VIN, license plate or DOT number. You can quickly spot out of service (OOS) violations, systemic maintenance issues and citations.

Generate equipment lists with ease

Within VIN-VU, retail agents can generate equipment lists with the year, make, model and body class based on VINs provided by your insured. You also get the benefit of verifying information provided from your insured and fix mistakes before submitting to underwriting.

Find stolen vehicles

Claims can rely on VIN-VU’s search capabilities to help find stolen vehicles with ease.

Quickly verify power units

MGAs and Underwriters can quickly verify number of units without the need to page through a lengthy underwriting report. VIN-VU is the concise answer to all your equipment questions.