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Your time-saving risk assessment summary in a two-page report detailing pertinent information regarding motor carriers.

  • Recommended For:
  • Retail Insurance Agents
  • Insurance Underwriters

Why Snap-VU?

Snap-VU instantly identifies critical underwriting issues for users, including:

  • SAFER Operating Status
  • Radius of operation
  • Inspection and crash maps
  • Insurance and insurance history
  • FHWA Authorities
  • Crash history
  • Drivers and equipment
  • Inspection out of service (OOS) rates
  • MCS-150 history

Chameleon Carrier Reports for Shared Facilities, Shared Contacts and Shared Equipment

In the two-page summary report, you’ll quickly be able to identify shared facilities and shared contacts through the Type I Chameleon Report. The Type I Chameleon Report identifies motor carriers with the same addresses, phone numbers, emails, and officer names – allowing you a quick way to determine if a truck company is a fly by night operation.

The Type II Chameleon Report also provides a breakdown of equipment that has been inspected under multiple motor carrier authorities allowing you to ask questions and assess risk when taking on a new client.

SMS Basic Scores

At a glance, you can view a motor carriers CSA BASIC Scores that can assist in key decisions, such as:

  • Alert status
  • BASICs within 10 points of Alert
  • Directional indicators that show increasing or decreasing scores
  • Flags for artificial zeroes, as well as the duration of each alert

SMS BASIC Measures

With Snap-VU, you can quickly identify trends over the last two years by each BASIC Measure through an interactive graph. The BASIC Measures allow you to determine whether a motor carrier’s inspection violations are decreasing or increasing over time.

SMS BASIC Measures by Peer Cargo Group

Exclusive to Carrier Software, the BASIC Measures Peer Group analysis compares your potential motor carrier client to similar size and type companies across the nation.

Snap-VU is an essential risk assessment tool for any professional requiring in-depth details and transparency. Snap-VU reduces uncertainty to enable better and more efficient decision making.

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