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Diagnose motor carrier safety problems with ease to better understand and improve fleet performance and safety.

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  • Trucking Companies
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Retail Insurance Agents

Complex inspection violation data made easy

Difficult to understand inspection violation data points are presented in a series of color-coded graphs and charts, which are easily understood by fleet owners and safety managers as well as insurance agents, underwriters, and risk managers.

Safety-VU affords safety professionals in-depth reports which highlight specific vehicles and drivers for motor carrier to focus upon. Crash risk can be determined and reduced by pinpointing potential problems in easily understood color-coded charts. This allows risk managers can swiftly identify and communicate prioritized corrective actions.

Share safety improvement plans with clients

Safety-VU is the most valuable safety improvement plan one can share with their motor carrier clients. The reports are customizable and targeted, boasting cover pages which can includes clients’ logos and contact information, making it ideal for direct value-added communication with motor carrier clients.

Focus on driver behavior, not just vehicles

With its novel ability to drill down to myriad details about specific drivers, Safety-VU users simply enter a motor carrier’s DOT PIN, which reveals all information they are seeking. The reports are transformed from a vehicle analysis to one focused on driver behavior, which includes predicted future scores.

Risk managers can clearly see the effect of potential corrective actions can have over the next six months. Users can display the Safety-VU data as tables, charts, or graphs to create a clearly understood report of a motor carrier’s roadside inspection improvement.

Safety-VU offers an unparalleled solution and is the only in-depth analysis that dives deep into driver behavior with predicted scores

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