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Safety Training Program

Safety is Every Department's Responsibility.

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  • Retail Insurance Agents
  • Trucking Companies

DOT is only required to provide 48 hours notice before conducting a remote audit of your company

Are you prepared and confident that you are DOT compliant if DOT knocks on your door?

Chances are, if you have more than one basic alert for months at a time, you are in a pool to be prioritized for DOT Intervention.  According to our Safety Expert, Buddy Walls, with the aide of modern technology, DOT is able to perform more remote audits than ever before.

The best way to hedge your risk of getting DOT Audit Fines, is to keep your safety program and CSA Basic Alerts low.  Using our Safety Training Program, many clients have experienced reduction in CSA Basic Alerts after just a few short months.

How our Safety Training Program Works

Carrier Software’s inter-departmental Safety Training Program informs you about how to put company policies and procedures in place to help shield your liability when it comes to nuclear verdicts and DOT Audits. i.e., we SAVE YOU PILES of MONEY by finding the vulnerable gaps in your department’s safety and recordkeeping practices.

Our safety training program is a two-phase, company-wide training initiative that gives you an opportunity to ensure all departments are DOT Compliant and current with FMCSA Regulations.

A successful implementation of this program also provides a much better defense in defending a claim to protect your company’s assets.

FMCSA Issues Large Civil Penalties from Audit Findings

Below are a few of the most common 2019 FMCSA Penalties PER OCCURRENCE

For FMCSA’s updated summary of Closed Enforcement Cases click here.

Our Goal

The #1 Goal of all of our programs is simple:  Save Lives.  We want to ensure that every trucking company on the road is aware of their responsibility to the public by implementing and believing in safe practices.