Insurance Market Competition Analysis

Every truck insurer has a particular appetite. Our Market Analysis shows the tastes of every one who has written business in the last month, clearly showing which carriers are going up or down and how the market is changing from month to month.

Recommended For:

Retail Insurance Agents, MGAs, Insurance Underwriters

Why do you need our reports? To…

  • Save time quoting new business!
  • Open up market possibilities!

Example 1

If you’re selling truck insurance and trying to quote a client who has 20 trucks and poor BASIC scores, you can use our market analysis to determine which major insurance companies are writing fleets of that size that have poor scores. You wouldn’t waste your time trying to get a quote from someone who isn’t insuring the type of customer you have on the line.


Example 2

If you’re an agent selling truck insurance only in certain areas, you can use a market analysis to determine who is writing most of the policies for that area.  If you don’t currently write business with those companies, the market analysis can prompt you to try to get access to those markets. If you can’t gain access to the carriers identified in the market analysis, you should consider focusing your efforts in an area that writes more policies for lines you are already qualified to provide. Either way, a market analysis will save you time and improve your close ratio.

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    We offer both free and pay-per-report market analyses

    Our paid market analysis has all the features of the free version in addition to options allowing you to sort by state, region, size, and commodities hauled.