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The most comprehensive underwriting analysis tool for truck insurance underwriters

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Fast & Functional Commercial Motor Carrier Reports

You can view a short 2 minute video highlighting the benefits of our Insure-VU report below:

Whether a broad overview or intricately detailed information is required, Insure-VU can quickly produce and deliver the tiniest data details in just a matter of seconds. Insure-VU provides all the necessary details for insurance underwriters, analysts, and retail agents to make informed decisions about the viability of motor carriers’ operations, safety records and roadside activities.

Customized Motor Carrier Reports Included

You can specifically configure Insure-VU to meet your distinct needs. Most of Insure-VU’s analyses can be presented in various formats, ranging from charts, graphs, and tables, displayed in PDF format or Excel spreadsheets.

Compliance with Your Guidelines

The “Highlights” feature specifically flags any information on any motor carrier that does not conform to your Guidelines. In addition, the overview feature boasts a variety of high-level metrics, critical to any initial screening, such as operating status, penalties, investigations, acute critical violations, BASIC scores, directional arrows revealing fluctuations in scores, BASIC scores within 10% points of an Alert, BASIC alert status and the number of months in Alert status for each BASIC.

No Learning Curve

The intuitive navigation virtually eliminates training for those users accustomed to navigating FMCSA and FHWA websites or other alternate underwriting analyses programs. Users can quickly harness its power of simply hovering over the analysis of interest and then quickly jump to see all the necessary specific details.

Customizations Welcome

Carrier Software’s team of professional developers will quickly add custom analyses necessary to meet your specific needs. We understand everyone has different needs and cater to your requirements and workflows.

Comprehensive Safety Analysis

Insure-VU will save you countless hours by revealing the most important safety problems and trends. Interactive predictive models demonstrate how a motor carrier’s scores could change over the next six months. BASIC Scores History charts emphasizes date range slides and clickable bars to display violation monthly details.

Insure-VU is the essential tool for insurance carriers and managing general agents

Insure-VU is an indispensable tool for insurance carriers, underwriters, analysts and managing general agents seeking to lower expense ratio, increase productivity, reduce claims and improve compliance.

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