Fleet Safety

Safety score improvement tools designed for motor carriers and insurance companies looking to solve BASIC Score problems.

Recommended For:

Trucking Companies, Risk Managers, Retail Agents

Our Fleet Safety reports provide an in-depth analysis of a company’s BASIC Scores & can help find gaps in their safety program

How can you use our Fleet Safety reports for potential and current clients?

Our reports can be used by insurance agents and risk managers on an a la carte basis. Simply run a report before you walk in to a potential client’s door and you can provide them with valuable data about how you can help them improve their safety scores and increase their bottom line.

The reports can be white-labelled to show YOUR company’s logo, so they will remember who took the time to provide them with this valuable information.

You can also provide our reports to current clients using their Motor Carrier PIN number which allows access to a company’s driver data.  This can be a game changer in explaining “WHY” Scores are high, and our timeline analysis shows “WHEN” they will come down. Tools like these can be essential for risk managers making sure that their insureds are practicing the best safety culture possible and looking to spot potential problem equipment and drivers in the making, helping to lower crash risk and avoid unaffordable premium increases.

Once I have the client, how can I service their safety needs?

Risk Managers and retail agents that want their clients to reach optimum levels of safety refer the motor carriers to use our Daily Roadside Monitoring & Safety Platform. This program provides real-time portal monitoring with daily inspection emails.

Looking for solutions to
find better leads? increase client retention? easy to read carrier reports? bind more policies? improve BASIC CSA scores? portal monitoring notifications? improve insurance rates?

Provide a safety score improvement plan your insureds will love

The CSA Safety program provides one-stop access to a multitude of safety-related data motor carriers demand.