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Enhanced Safety Program (ESP)

Better equip your company to pass a DOT Audit and provide training to help your company avoid a nuclear verdict

  • Recommended For:
  • Retail Insurance Agents
  • Trucking Companies

Enhance your Safety Culture, Fix Your Company's Specific Issues with this Specialized Approach

Carrier Software’s Enhanced Safety Program provides an opportunity to improve over-all safety culture, lower your CSA Basics, and lower your ISS rating.  Doing this will protect your company’s assets, improve your insurance renewal rates, and offers a better defense against nuclear verdicts and DOT compliance Audits.

How It Works

Carrier Software’s in-house Safety Expert, Buddy Walls, will tailor an individual Enhanced Safety Program (ESP) to fit your company’s specific needs.  No company’s plan is the same, this is completely custom.

Buddy has over 40 years experience in trucking and insurance.

The plan will be followed up with weekly, web-based safety consults addressing relevant current issues.

Safety is Every Department's Responsibility

The #1 Goal of all of our programs is simple:  Save Lives.  We want to ensure that every trucking company on the road is aware of their responsibility to the public by implementing and believing in safe practices.