Daily Roadside Monitoring & Safety Platform

 Better understand and improve fleet safety performance with our dynamic fleet safety platform and daily inspection notifications.

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Risk Managers and retail agents that want their motor carrier clients to develop a strong safety culture and better BASIC scores refer them to our Daily Roadside Monitoring & Safety PlatformThis program provides a complete motor carrier safety management system that includes intuitive dashboard showing vital statistics, real-time portal monitoring with daily inspection e-mails, driver scorecards, SMS analyses, and predicted future scores.

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Driver Inspections, Violations, and Crashes emailed daily

Our portal monitoring eliminates your need to login to the FMCSA Portal to check for inspections.  Full detail reports sent directly to your inbox. Detailed inspection, violation, OOS, and driver citation reports are pulled directly from your FMCSA Portal account every 24 hours and emailed directly to you as an Excel spreadsheet.
The “FMCSA Portal Inspection List” only shows you OOS violations, which don’t tell the whole story. You could be missing other non-OOS violations or even driver citations. Carrier Software’s Portal Monitoring Program provides you all the details without having to click and view each inspection one at a time, saving you the headache of missing information and best of all – saving you time.

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Predictive Modeling

Driver management is improved using Predictive Models that enable owners, safety managers, and driver managers to perform hypothetical analyses. For example, they can simulate the impact on future BASIC Scores of focused safety training to eliminate specific violations as well as the effect of terminating drivers.

Review all your violations in one place.

We provides simple, real-time views of driver and vehicle data all in one place. It combines real-time monitoring of all roadside activities and tracking of ELD/telematics, while also providing in-depth analyses of a motor carrier’s CSA Scores.

Furthermore, the systems Insurability Report reveals data that interprets how a motor carrier and their safety record is perceived to the insurance industry, including vital insights necessary for a motor carrier to obtain lower insurance renewal premiums.

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Integrate Telematics

Telematics data gives you a real-time, unique insight into your fleet’s activities, including:

  • Truck Location
  • Truck Speed
  • A live look into dashcams
  • Custom Mileage Reports

PSP Analysis for New Drivers

When hiring new drivers, the platform can superimpose the potential new hire driver’s PSP on the fleet’s safety profile, enabling safety managers to quickly spot where the new driver’s behavior would fit within the current driver pool. The PSP analysis is critical to a motor carrier’s hiring policy. Subjective hiring guidelines leave the motor carrier exposed to negligent hiring claims in the event of a crash. The Predictive Model pre-hire analysis is more objective and virtually removes the issue of negligence.

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Driver Scorecards

One of the most useful features of the platform is its ability to produce driver scorecards. Driver behavior is analyzed from several perspectives: ELD data from a truck cab, daily roadside inspection and crash data automatically processed through the FMCSA portal, and with CSA BASIC scores.

Driver safety coaching is bolstered by visual driver scorecards that not only show each driver their specific areas in need of improvement, but also reveal how each driver objectively ranks within the fleet.

The essential one-stop tool for any motor carrier or fleet looking to improve their bottom line