Carrier Software has a suite of prospecting, truck insurance marketing, and underwriting analysis tools

What you get with Carrier Software

Our innovative solutions keep you ahead of the rapidly changing needs of the transportation industry. Carrier Software is the exclusive provider of a suite of data analysis tools that meet the needs of motor carriers, risk managers, insurance carriers, brokers and shippers. We offer the transportation industry products that address tomorrow’s data analysis needs – today.



Easily find new motor carrier leads and send branded marketing all within one system. Learn more about Carrier Software Leads!

easy to understand

underwriting reports

Vehicle Underwriting Reports with NO long-term contracts! Quickly screen more accounts with our comprehensive underwriting reports and two-page snapshot reports. Learn more about Carrier Underwriting Reports!


fleet monitoring

An automated solution for receiving real-time safety notifications on your insureds. Learn more about Carrier Software Fleet Monitoring!


fleet safety

Our Fleet Safety Reports provide an in-depth analysis of a company’s BASIC Scores and can help find gaps in their safety program. Learn more about Carrier Software Fleet Safety!

Looking for solutions to
find better leads? increase client retention? easy to read carrier reports? bind more policies? improve BASIC CSA scores? portal monitoring notifications? improve insurance rates?

Carrier Software has an entire suite of productivity increasing tools

For more than 20 years, Carrier Software has been providing a range of solutions designed to help motor carriers, insurance companies, and retail agents with cost effective and deep intelligence tools.