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Market Analysis Report

The Carrier Software Market Analysis provides retail agents and insurance companies a ranked list of the highest performing trucking insurance underwriters by 31 attributes including total policies, BASIC measures, power unit groups, and more.

For Insurance Carriers

Analyze the last 12 months of your competitor’s market strategy by viewing month over month rates of change in:

  • Total policies underwritten
  • Policies written by state
  • Insureds by power unit groups
  • BASIC¬†measures
  • Total alerts by BASIC group

Market Research

As an insurance company, the Market Analysis report allows you to do in-depth market research on your competitors. You can see the 12 months of month over month rates of change for total liability policies, BASIC measures by insurance company (and conglomerate), crash entries, and more… allowing you a data driven lens into what your competitors are doing.

For Retail Agents

It’s hard to run your business and stay ahead of the curve for carrier appointments. Not anymore…

  • Get tailored reports for your licensed states
  • Uncover hidden trends for carriers writing your target customer
  • Anticipate changes for your insureds before their policies renew

Carrier Appointments

As a retail agent, you are always looking for different markets for your insured states. With the Market Analysis report, you can see which underwriters are binding policies in your insured states and allow you to create new carrier appointments for your new ventures and renewals.

28 Data Driven Ranks & Rates of Change on Over 400 Insurance Carriers

Through historic insurance policy data, the Market Analysis report will show you which of the 400+ insurance companies are the top performers broken out across 28 different factors.

Custom Tailored Reports

Carrier Software will specifically tailor your Market Analysis Report to your needs. You can include Power Unit groups (1 to 5, 5 to 10, etc), your licensed states, and more. There are no limits to how you can configure your report.

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