Truck Suppliers

Increase prospecting productivity and close ratios.
Earn customer loyalty.

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Find companies by Make, Model, Year, and more

Find commercial trucking accounts using the most flexible commercial trucking lead generator. Over the last 20 years, we have carefully revised our programs to be a cut above the competition. DOT Leads enables truck suppliers to find more trucking companies through VINs, CSA/BASIC alerts, multi-state filters, radius search, form letters and email marketing – just for starters.

Don’t just close the deal, earn your keep throughout the contract

Retail insurance agents can use our automated commercial truck company monitoring solution to alert you about your insureds. Every day you’ll get reports when issues arise such as Out of Service Orders, inactive DOT numbers, erroneous Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) Authority Revocations and new crashes. Having this early knowledge is extremely beneficial in identifying and resolving problems quickly for your insureds. You can also verify vehicles placed on scheduled policies as well as sidelined vehicles put back in service. By keeping a watchful eye on your insureds, you are proving to them that you deserve their business, and they deserve to keep YOU, year after year.

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Looking for solutions to
find better leads? increase client retention? easy to read carrier reports? bind more policies? improve BASIC CSA scores? portal monitoring notifications? improve insurance rates?

Integrations Available

Integrate our trucking leads into your sales pipeline tool.  We offer custom integrations to fit your existing system, while providing you with updated information.