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Retail Insurance Agents

Retail insurance agents reach new highs in productivity and secure more contracts than any other transportation data provider

Bind more commercial trucking deals

Meticulously and methodically find new commercial trucking leads using the most flexible commercial trucking insurance lead generator. Carefully refined by commercial trucking insurance producers wanting commercial trucking leads over the last 20 years, DOT Leads enables retail insurance agents to bind more commercial trucking deals through CSA/BASIC alerts, multi-state filters, radius search, X dates, form letters and email marketing – just for starters.

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Don't just close the business, keep the business

Retail insurance agents can use an automated commercial truck company monitoring solution that alerts you about your insureds. Every day you’ll get reports on your insureds when issues arise such as Out of Service Orders, inactive DOT numbers, erroneous Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) Authority Revocations and new crashes. Having this early knowledge is extremely beneficial in identifying and resolving problems quickly for your insureds. You can also verify vehicles placed on scheduled policies as well as sidelined vehicles put back in service.

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Reporting your way

Not all commercial retail insurance producers are alike… which is why you have so many reporting options at your disposal. Whether you’re visualizing risk factors for specific drivers or vehicles on your insureds and truck company prospects or performing a risk assessment, you can get a range of reports that not only save you time, but save your underwriters time when it comes time to bind the policy.

Each product comes with a variety of reports custom tailored for you, designed to be as concise and informative as possible.

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Essential Products for Retail Insurance Agents

DOT Leads

DOT Leads is a revolutionary, innovative, truck insurance marketing system which enables retail insurance agents to reach new highs in productivity and secure more contracts.

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New Ventures

New venture trucking company leads gives you a head start in marketing to brand new truck company startups. As an add-on to DOT Leads, you can market your services to hundreds of new ventures every day.

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Insure-VU is among the trucking industry’s most flexible, affordable and comprehensive underwriting analysis tool available in the commercial market.

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Vin-VU equipment reports provides instant access to truck company’s fleet equipment details you need.

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Enhanced Safety Program (ESP)

Better equip your company to pass a DOT Audit and provide training to help your company avoid a nuclear verdict

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Safety Training Program

Address your Company’s Safety Culture

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