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Quickly screen more accounts with Carrier Software’s snapshot reports and comprehensive underwriting reports

Carrier Underwriting Reports and Carrier Underwriting Reports Snapshot are the trucking industry’s most flexible, affordable and comprehensive underwriting analysis tool available today. You’ll get all the necessary details to make smarter decisions about the risk exposure of motor carriers based on critical analyses of their history, operations, safety records, and roadside activities

On-site investigation findings, penalty history, acute critical violations and red flag violations & crash summary

Front and center you’ll find FMCSA on-site investigation findings for a motor carrier, as well as the motor carrier’s penalty history and acute critical violations. In these modules, you’ll be presented with specific information like investigation dates, case numbers, violation codes, fees/fines, and descriptions so you don’t have to go digging through mountains of data to tease out.

You’ll also see red flag violations broken out by BASIC, violation code, severity, date issued, and a description.

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