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Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters screen more accounts faster with Carrier Software motor carrier reports and the VU family of products.

Motor Carrier Reports

Insure-VU and Snap-Vu are the trucking industry’s most flexible, affordable and comprehensive underwriting analysis tool available today. You’ll get all the necessary details to make informed decisions about the viability of motor carriers’ operations, safety records, and roadside activities.

You have the flexibility to quickly produce Motor Carrier Underwriting Reports in various formats, including charts, graphs, tables, PDFs and Excel spreadsheets. There are varying report types too; ranging from two-page snapshots up to 80+ pages, allowing you flexibility that you’re not accustomed to. Unlike the industry standard motor carrier reports, you can produce streamlined and actionable reports to help you write more business.

SMS BASIC Measures

Insurers can also reveal trends over the past two years of Measures for each BASIC, allowing analysts to more quickly and easily determine whether a motor carrier’s inspection violations are decreasing or increasing over time.

With the interactive charts, you can drill down to see specific inspections and violations that make up the motor carrier’s BASIC Measures.


Insurers are provided with data that allows them to arrive at key underwriting decisions, such as:

  • Alert status
  • BASICs within 10 points of Alert
  • Directional indicators that show increasing or decreasing scores
  • Flags for artificial zeroes, as well as the duration of each alert

SMS BASIC Measures by Peer Group

The BASIC Measures Peer Group analysis compares the motor carrier under analysis with similar size and type truck companies. This true peer group comparison is exclusive to Carrier Software’s VU reports.

Inspections, Violations and Out of Service (OOS) Rates by Cargo Group

With the Inspections, Violations and Out of Service by Cargo Group module, you can better understand how a truck company compares to other motor carriers within the same fleet size; broken out by Cargo Type.

On-site Investigation Findings, Penalty History, Acute Critical Violations and Red Flag Violations

Front and center you’ll find FMCSA on-site investigation findings for a motor carrier, as well as the motor carrier’s penalty history and acute critical violations. In these modules, you’ll be presented with specific information like investigation dates, case numbers, violation codes, fees/fines, and descriptions so you don’t have to go digging through mountains of data to tease out.

You’ll also see red flag violations broken out by BASIC, violation code, severity, date issued, and a description.

Crashes Summary

The Crashes Summary interactive chart shows you crashes over the last 36 months broken out by DOT Recordable, Tow Away, Injuries, Fatalities, and With Citations along with the time period.

Additional Features

Included in our reporting you will also find:

  • Active/Pending Insurance & Insurance History,
  • Chameleon Type I and Chameleon Type II Reports,
  • Equipment Ownership and Type,
  • Company Radius of Operation,
  • Estimated ISS Scores,
  • and Much More!

Carrier Software is a women-owned, customer first transportation data company. We understand that every client has different needs and we work with companies just like you to come up with meaningful solutions to your problems.  We helping you customize your reporting to suit your specific needs.

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Alert-VU is among the most advanced automated motor carrier monitoring system available in the trucking marketplace today.

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Insure-VU is among the trucking industry’s most flexible, affordable and comprehensive underwriting analysis tool available in the commercial market.

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Snap-VU offers a succinct two-page summary detailing pertinent information regarding motor carriers, including complete overview, BASIC scores, BASIC measures, and BASIC measures by peer group.

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Vin-VU equipment reports provides instant access to truck company’s fleet equipment details you need.

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