Risk Managers

Help your insureds develop a corrective action plan to bolster safety programs, hedge risk, and save lives.

Our reports can help you provide your insureds with data to improve their operational risk and controls and provide root-cause analysis.

Snap-VU reports give you a quick 2-page summary of all the data publicly available on that carrier across all databases. They are a huge time saver. This will help you quickly spot any red flag items.

Insure-VU is the trucking industry’s most flexible and affordable underwriting analysis report available in the commercial market.

Monitor your insureds in real-time and inform clients of changes to their information posted in transportation databases. Data is monitored daily and notifications are sent automatically. Early knowledge can help quickly resolve problems and build loyalty with your insureds.

When you get full permission and the trucking company’s PIN number, you can use Safety-VU to provide quarterly assessments.  This product drills even deeper into each basic in easy to read charts and includes driver and VIN Data.  Safety-VU is invaluable in providing root cause analysis and predictive trending.

To get your clients the most benefit, you would be wise to suggest the CSA Safety Improvement Program to your insureds, so they receive daily portal monitoring emails every 24 hours.

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find better leads? increase client retention? easy to read carrier reports? bind more policies? improve BASIC CSA scores? portal monitoring notifications? improve insurance rates?

Simple solutions to help your insureds improve company safety practices