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Here’s how Carrier Software can help you:

Retail Insurance Agents

    • Increase prospecting productivity and close ratio.
    • Earn customer loyalty.
    • Provide value-added services to your insureds. 


  • Ditch traditional reports and revolutionize the way you process submissions.
  • Screen submissions more efficiently with greater insights in each risk.
  • Friendly customer service with extensive one-on-one personalized underwriting assistance and live training. 

Risk Managers

  • Help your insureds develop a corrective action plan to bolster safety programs, hedge risk, and save lives.
  • Get notified of changes specific to your current motor carrier clients.
  • Catch unreported units under motor carrier’s authority.


  • Learn from our years of academic crash modeling research.
  • Innovative, industry leading cohort analyses.
  • Leverage our cutting-edge heat map statistics. 

Safety Partnership

  • Protect your assets.
  • Leverage our Gold Award winning motor carrier safety improvement solution.
  • Together, we help insureds remove Alerts and lower ISS scores.

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find better leads? increase client retention? easy to read carrier reports? bind more policies? improve BASIC CSA scores? portal monitoring notifications? improve insurance rates?

Simple solutions to help your insureds improve company safety practices