Frequently asked questions about Carrier Software’s Transportation Data products and services!

General FAQs

How can Carrier Software help me ‘add value’ to my clients?

We offer several products that are cost-effective means for agents to add a lot of value without spending a lot of money. Contact us to learn how.

How is Carrier Software different from the other vendors?

Carrier Software has been providing transportation data analyses to motor carriers longer than anyone else in the industry.  Based on our extensive knowledge of the data and what matters to motor carriers and insurance companies, we have developed a suite of products that are customized to each client’s needs.

Does Carrier Software provide more than just truck insurance marketing leads?

Carrier Software is the only vendor that provides a complete suite of tools from marketing leads, executive summary reports on motor carriers, risk management analyses and cost effective, comprehensive underwriting analyses.

Is there a charge for the number of users?

There is no charge for additional users because we want each client to use our programs to the max so that they can be hugely successful. Charging for additional users is contrary to our commitment to our client’s success.

Is there an annual contract?

We do not use contracts because we are committed to earning your business every day and week of every month.

Do you have Intrastate Leads?

We have intrastate motor carriers leads including contact names, emails, equipment, BASIC Scores, and in some states, even the insurance company and policy effective dates.

Do you have New Authority Leads?

We offer two types of New Authority leads:

(1) We have the brand new interstate motor carrier leads and

(2) the newly registered intrastate motor carriers.

Do I need to purchase nationwide leads if I only market in 5 states?

All Carrier Software’s programs are customized to each client’s specific needs. You can purchase exactly what you want and nothing more. Don’t pay for extras that you don’t need.

How Often is your Data Updated?

Our data is updated daily and synchronized with all FMCSA websites which ensures you that you are always looking at the most fresh and accurate information.

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