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Transportation Data Solutions for Everyone

With over 20 years in the transportation industry, Carrier Software has created the product you've always wanted and never knew existed.

Transportation Data by Industry

Insurance Underwriters

Streamlined motor carrier reports and business intelligence solutions for insurance underwriters that enable carriers to write more business faster.

Insurance Underwriters Transportation Data Solutions

Retail Insurance Agents

Retail insurance agents reach new highs in productivity and secure more contracts than any other transportation data provider.

Retail Insurance Agents Transportation Data Solutions

Trucking Companies

Track safety infringements, analyze fleet performance and predict potential failures all in one place.

Trucking Companies Transportation Data Solutions

FMCSA Transportation Data Products


Alert-VU is among the most advanced automated motor carrier monitoring system available in the trucking marketplace today.

More about Alert-VU

DOT Leads

DOT Leads is a revolutionary, innovative, truck insurance marketing system which enables retail insurance agents to reach new highs in productivity and secure more contracts.

More about DOT Leads

Enhanced Safety Program (ESP)

Better equip your company to pass a DOT Audit and provide training to help your company avoid a nuclear verdict

More about Enhanced Safety Program (ESP)

Fleet Safety

The CSA Safety Improvement Program is a comprehensive tool that helps motor carriers better understand and improve the safety performance of their fleet.

More about Fleet Safety


Insure-VU is among the trucking industry’s most flexible, affordable and comprehensive underwriting analysis tool available in the commercial market.

More about Insure-VU

New Ventures

New venture trucking company leads gives you a head start in marketing to brand new truck company startups. As an add-on to DOT Leads, you can market your services to hundreds of new ventures every day.

More about New Ventures


Developed by motor carriers for motor carriers, Safety-VU can quickly diagnose and identify more carrier’s safety problems.

More about Safety-VU


Snap-VU offers a succinct two-page summary detailing pertinent information regarding motor carriers, including complete overview, BASIC scores, BASIC measures, and BASIC measures by peer group.

More about Snap-VU


Vin-VU equipment reports provides instant access to truck company’s fleet equipment details you need.

More about VIN-VU

Motor Carrier & Truck Company Research