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Motor Carrier Leads - Interstate

The Motor Carrier Leads portal provides easy access to comprehensive data on over 200,000 interstate motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders, including trucks, fleets, buses, and limousines. Access is affordable, and there are no contract requirements. You pay for just the data you need, when you need it. 

Have questions or want to see a sample of the data you care about? Fill in the form to the right or contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Current, Accurate, Comprehensive Data

Our relationships with public and private agencies ensure access to the most current data available.

  • Access to the most current motor carrier data available means you won’t waste your time pursuing old, outdated leads.
  • Established relationships with the Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Commission, and dozens of other governmental and private organizations ensures our data is the most accurate and comprehensive available, helping optimize your lead generation efforts.
  • Generate multiple reports, from simple prospect lists to detailed analyses including more than 100 discrete data elements. Create custom reports to track safety ratings, BASIC scores, insurance, authority, OSS (out-of-service) orders, and more.

Zero In On the Data You Care About

Utilize our serious search capabilities to quickly find the motor carrier lead data you are interested in. 

  • Easy to use with an intuitive point-and-click interface.
  • Extremely capable and powerful with dozens of search criteria to select from.
  • Flexible options enable you to find insurance prospects in any niche market.

Search Our Motor Carrier Lead Database By:

City, State, Zip Code, Area Code, Number of Power Units, Trucks, Buses, Type of Cargo Carried, Federal Operating Authority Type, Trucks Owned, Trailers Owned, DOT Number, Company Name, Insurance Carrier/Type/Expiration Date, Safety Rating, DOT Classification, and many more.

Integrate the Data into Your Business Processes

Whether you access the database entirely online, or download the data to your computer, Carrier Software’s Motor Carrier Lead Database will help you identify ideal prospects and close more sales.

  • Create form letters with the click of a button
  • Print mailing labels and a variety of reports
  • Create Microsoft Excel "subsets" of the main databases 
  • Download selected data to your computer
  • Integrate output with many other programs
  • Leverage our integrated Call List and Appointment Mapping functionality

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