Carrier Software is an ideal solution for suppliers of products targeting the trucking and motor carrier freight industries. Using our Local | Intrastate lead portal, you gain access to over 100 pieces of information on over one million box truck, local tractor trailer, motor coach, bus, van, and limousine companies. You can easily search over one million DOT records for carriers by cargo type, classification, safety record, and more.

Daily Leads

Carrier Software posts these hot prospects to our Daily Lead portal every morning. You simply log in and gain direct access to the trucking companies most in need of the products and services you provide. The portal filters out existing truck and bus companies so that you can easily isolate the companies which are just now applying for interstate authority.


  The Motor Carrier Leads portal provides easy access to comprehensive data on over 200,000 interstate motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders, including trucks, fleets, buses, and limousines. Access is affordable, and there are no contract requirements. You pay for just the data you need, when you need it.

   The Motor Carrier Leads portal is an extremely effective way to sell goods and services to both existing and newly formed transportation companies. All of the existing interstate motor carriers can be found quickly and easily using a wide range of point-and-click filters, including Insurance Carrier, X-dates, Cargo, Power Units, and more. New ventures are also just a click away once on this portal website. Because many of these brand new truck and bus companies are anxious to get on the road, they typically purchase from the first few vendors that contact them. Some of our clients have successfully expanded their business from a single state to many just by marketing to these new ventures.


“We've used Motor Carrier Leads for more than 8 years, and have witnessed vast improvements to their services that have helped us grow our business. Having the capability to qualify and nurture leads via their the database has helped our agents win new clients. ”                -    Brandy Alvarado, Director of Marketing, RSI Insurance Brokers

“Carrier Software has provided quality leads to our company for over a year now. Using their leads, we have successfully implemented a marketing programs that has been instrumental to growing our agency. In fact, we have written more than $1 million of new business premium this year.”

- Taylor Burdin, Precision Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.