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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our products and services? Review the frequently asked questions below, or contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

1. How do I sign-up?

Because we are committed to providing you the most appropriate data solution for your specific needs, we want to speak with you during the ordering process. For an explanation of our different database offerings, a live 10 min. demonstration, or to place an order, please call us at (800) 646-5152.

2. Can I be sure the information you provide is fresh and accurate?

For over 15 years, Carrier Software has contracted directly with Federal and State government agencies and other independent providers to receive their most current data as soon as it is available. In fact, some of our services provide fresh data daily or weekly depending on your specific needs. For an explanation of our different database offerings, a live 10 min. demonstration, or to place an order, please call us at (800) 646-5152.

3. Why should I pay Carrier Software for information that is available for free on government websites?

Some of the data provided by Carrier Software may be found on a free government website. However unlike these websites, we provide a sophisticated, yet easy to use interface that enables you to find the specific truck or bus records you need, quickly and efficiently. The search criteria provided include city, state, area code, zip codes, number of power units, commodities carried, along with insurance information. By using Carrier Software you can spend your time following up on leads and making new sales, not seeking out new leads.

4. What is the difference between the "interstate" and "intrastate" data?

The term "interstate" is used in general to describe truck and bus companies that have Federal Highway Operating Authority (FHWA) to drive across state lines (i.e. from one state to another). In contrast, the term "intrastate" is used to describe truck and bus companies that only operate within a single state. There are few exceptions to these general classifications, so feel free to ask us about the specific information you need. We welcome your questions.

5. What is the price for your data?

The price for the data we provide varies based on many factors that we would be glad to discuss with you. In general, our prices start at $100, with a few being lower.  Also depending on your particular situation, a discount may apply.  If you provide the parameters (such as state, carrier type, number of power units, etc.) for the information you need, we would be glad to tell you how many records meet your criteria along with a price quote.

6. Is technical support available if I have trouble using your data services?

Yes. Technical support is available during normal business hours on weekdays and on weekends by appointment. In addition to weekdays, live tutorials are provided in evenings and weekends so as to interrupt your already busy schedule. In a short 10-15 minute tutorial, we can show you how to get the most from the information you purchased.

7. Do I need to sign a contract?

No. Unlike most of our competitors, there are no contracts or obligations. We work hard to ensure that you are happy with your investment in our database services. We do not want anyone to feel obligated to buy from us if not fully satisfied.

8. Can I purchase data for just a few states or for specific types of motor carriers?

Yes.  With the Motor Carrier Leads website you can purchase access to specific types of motor carriers, such as only passenger carriers or auto haulers, etc. And since you are not accessing all types of motor carriers, the price is even less than you would have otherwise paid.

9. If I purchase access to your Motor Carrier Leads website, how soon can I start access the information?

Your new account including User IDs and passwords will be ready within 24 to 48 hours, and if necessary, same day setups are possible. Simply let us know your timing needs and we will strive to meet them.

10. Can I find truck companies insured by a particular insurance carrier?

Yes.  The Motor Carrier Leads website has been developed over the past decade specifically for searching such as this.  The filters built into the Motor Carrier Leads website enable you to easily find all of the truck or bus companies insured by a specific insurance company in seconds.  Alternatively, you can just as easily find all of the truck or bus companies not insured by a specific insurance company.  Call now for a live demonstration of how quick and easy this is done.

11. Contact Names ... Are they included ?

Contact names are include in nearly all of our database solutions.  We also welcome requests for motor carrier lists based on contact names.  This service is particularly useful if you want to find truck or bus companies whose contact person is of a particular ethnicity (as indicated by surname, for example).

12. CSA is a big problem ... How can Carrier Software help a truck company ?

Carrier Software has over 10 years of experience in processing and analyzing the Inspection, Violation, and Crash data of some of the nation's largest truck fleets.   Our experience extends from the old Carrier Safety Profiles, to SEA value scoring, to the new CSA Safety Measurement System (SMS).   We provide both data processing services and also software to enable a motor carrier to analyze and understand their own safety data.   Call us to see what we have that can help truck and bus companies address the most impactful safety issues and improve their BASIC Scores ASAP.

13. Do you provide a New Ventures list ?

We provide two different New Ventures lists.  There is a daily list of all the new motor carriers who just applied for their MC numbers.  And there is a monthly list of all the truck companies who just applied for their DOT number.  The daily list is the more accurate of the two since the New Venture data is provide every day as the action happens.  However, the monthly DOT New Ventures list includes all motor carriers, both the interstate ones and more importantly, the new local ones.

14. E-mail addresses ... are they included ?

E-mail addresses can be include in nearly all of our database solutions.  We also welcome requests for specifically tailored email lists for which we filter through over a million truck and bus company records to find the specific type(s) of motor carrier you need, including contact names and e-mail addresses.

15. How many people at my company can use the Motor Carrier Leads website at once?

Carrier Software's Motor Carrier Leads website is provided with up to three login accounts to allow for multiple, concurrent users at your company.  If additional login accounts are required, they will provided at little or no cost.  Please let us know how many people may want to use this prospecting / market research tool when speaking with us.  We would be glad to answer all your questions and provide a specific price quote.

16. SMS Analysis made easy ... How do you do it ?

Our SMS Analysis has been perfected over many years to the point where we now host a secure website that provides an automated, cost effective analysis of a motor carriers SMS Inspection Violations and provides an easy to understand report of the analyzed results.

17. What training is available on your products?

Carrier Software provides extensive training on all of your products because we understand that we need to insure you succeed in order for us to succeed.  For example, with our Motor Carrier Leads website, we provide a 12 min. video tutorial that will enable you to find the specific motor carrier niche leads you need within minutes.  Afterwards, we follow the video with live, remote training to address any more in depth questions you may have.